Safe Payment Initiative (SPI)

Here at BAC United we place strong emphasis on customer service and customer satisfaction. We appreciate your business and we would like to ensure that you continue to have an enhanced and enriched experience when shopping with us. As such, we are implementing various new strategies that are focused on the safety aspect of your experience with regards to the use of cash for payments.

We believe that there is a general public consensus that cash dealings can contribute heavily to crime. Therefore we would like to outline a few new services that are aimed at reducing the number of hand to hand cash transactions we have with our customers by launching our Safe Payment Initiative Program (SPI). Become a part of our program to receive the following benefits:-

  1. Receive up to 10% off of shipping costs to Guyana on each order.
  2. Access updates on the status of your orders via your own private account on our website.
  3. Earn SPI reward points (FOR FULL ONLINE PAYMENTS ONLY).
  4. Experience Priority Delivery with other additional perks (FOR FULL ONLINE PAYMENTS ONLY).

Accepted SPI payment methods

  • PayPal (inquire about setting up an account if you don’t have one)
  • Bank deposit (all deposit fees will be waived).
  • Debit/ Credit Card including Republic Bank One Card Visa, Scotia Bank Visa/Mastercards or GBTI Visa Card

SPI Rewards Program (Applicable to full online payments ONLY)

Pay for your order in full online and be automatically enrolled to earn valuable points. Points will only be redeemable after every 5 qualifying orders. (1 Online Payment/Order = 1.5 SPI points = $1US )

*All points redeemable only in the form of credit towards future orders*

Please email or call us for questions regarding SPI. And remember, it pays to pay online.